Unconference Lean Innovation Summit 2020

the Unconference

The way we produce sell and consume products and services is keeping us from moving to a sustainable world & economy. Achieving a circular economy is depending on rethinking and reshaping ownership as we know it. Join us at CIC Rotterdam on November 12 for this special unconference about sustainable & circular business models.

We need to rethink & reshape ownership as we know it.
It is becoming increasingly clear that the world and ownership as we know it has to change. Our fast growing transactional economy has resulted in overconsumption of the worlds resources.

Ownership now often belongs to the end-user of a product. This comes with the responsibility of making sure the product is resold recycled or refurbished. Numbers show that the options for end-users to do this well are limited and eventually a lot of value is diminished.

Holding end-users responsible to do the right thing will be challenging and tangible results will come too late. We believe that the responsibility and ownership should stay with the companies making the product or service and that there is huge business potential in enabling this change.

Apart from the fact that ownership can be cumbersome there are also a lot of potential gains to be discovered in rethinking the business models of the value propositions we encounter every day.

So let’s do this. Let’s us get together to actively discover opportunity and create and share insights into this new economy.

Everything-as-a-Service the Unconference
More information and link to registration can also be found here

Where: CIC Rotterdam, Stationsplein 45, 4th floor

Confirmed participants include: Brant Cooper, Mariel Venhuizen, Robert van Boesschoten, Daniel Groos, and Bob Jansen

When: Time will follow

Who: practitioners and decision makers from the innovation sphere and you, but you do need to register here, as participation is not included with your conference ticket

Questions? Please reach out to Leon Pals.

How does an unconference work?
We’ll start with a blank schedule and will permit anyone to pitch a session. This can go in two directions: we ask people if they have something to share or some challenge they have and need help on. Based on whether it’s something to share or a challenge to solve we’ll choose an interactive session format and pull in other attendees who can join.

12:00 – 13:00 Light lunch & session registration
We open our doors at 12:00 where you can walk in register and write-up a session card to pitch your idea to the rest of the attendees.

13:00 – 13:30 Session pitches voting & planning
We gather around the open schedule for the afternoon to hear your pitches. Together we’ll see which sessions have the most interest from everyone by voting and schedule them accordingly.

13:30 – 16:00 Sessions of 30 minutes
In different tracks and time slots we’ll run the sessions that made it to the schedule. You decide which sessions to attend and make most of the day!

16:00 – 16:30 Wrap-up: closing thoughts & learnings
With all attendees we wrap up the day and share our biggest learnings

16:30 – 19:00 Drinks & networking
Sparked with creativity we end the day with some drinks and a light bite. A great opportunity to discuss your lessons with other attendees.

Unconference results and what you’ll leave with
At the end of the day you will have made new contacts get insight in how other disciplines approach and solve problems. But above all learn directly from clear use cases how other companies have moved past these problems.


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