Spiritual entrepreneur & coach Willemijn Welten

About Willemijn

Leading manifestation expert Willemijn Welten has 10+ years experience working in financial start-ups and corporates. In 2015 she co-founded House of Awareness! Ever since she has been sharing tools and techniques, like meditation & yoga, with over 200.000 people.

She has an entrepreneurial spirit and combines that with manifesting the dream life she wants to live. She guides people to expand in consciousness and make them realise that the peace they are searching for is already within.

The Talk

Manifest the day you desire

When coming to an event like this we all have our own goals. Maybe you have a person you aim to connect with, are searching for an answer to a growth challenge you face or you expect to be inspired to innovate. Willemijn will guide you in a short meditation to set a clear intention for the day. So you can pioneer the day as you desire.

Time is ticking…









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