Head of Corporates Growth Tribe

About Regan

Regan Kirk is a serial founder, amateur podcaster and marketing nerd turned Growth Marketing Trainer at Growth Tribe. He has taken being data-driven to the next level and is often seen playing with a myriad of apps that track different elements of his life. With experience in Kuwait, Mexico and Australia his broad international experience makes him a highly adaptable coach. He now teaches companies across Europe how find ways to grow in a hyper competitive world.

The Talk

8 mins to build a brand, website & chatbot. Go!

Regan Kirk is a terrible coder, designer and UXer. Yet through the power of some simple tools he’ll show you how to build a brand, website and chatbot in about 8 minutes. Regan is the Head of Corporates at Growth Tribe, one of Europe’s fastest growing education companies. In this talk, he’ll illustrate how technology is an opportunity for humans to be more self-reliant, agile and faster than ever before.

Ultimately companies should adopt this technology-powered growth-mindset to be faster than their competition. To become self-learning and self-reliant organization.

Time is ticking…









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