Senior Program Lead Bayer AG

About Ouelid

Ouelid drives Bayer’s global entrepreneurship program to help Bayer teams to explore the value of a business opportunity and develop new business models with high growth potential. He is a passionate Innovation Coach and has several years of experience in Operational Excellence Consultancy at Bayer Engineering and Technology. His background is in Industrial Engineering and Management with a focus on Mechanical Engineering and he holds a PhD in Supply Chain Management.

The Talk

Lean Experimentation: Learnings and opportunities from a corporate program

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Bayer’s CATALYST intrapreneurship program supports project teams in exploration of new digital business models with agile experimentation and close customer validation interaction. Since 2017, many projects were incubated & launched, the program format extended to an opportunity funnel and portfolio approach and despite successful uptake, there were also learnings and misconceptions along the way. One of the participants will share her experience and learnings as well as how the project has helped her local organization continue to grow.

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