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About Marco

Marco was a partner at Innovation Booster and currently managing HEMA’s digital innovation lab. In his role as Innovation Manager, he scans the market for new technologies and is responsible for delivering digital innovations that support colleagues and customers in their activities.

The Talk

Forty & Hema – How to start and run a corporate innovation lab

Innovation labs have recently gained a lot of attention in business. And for good reason. Launching a corporate innovation lab is an exciting process and enables corporates to explore new ways to help customers and become more successful.

But starting an innovation lab can also present some serious challenges. How do you create an all-star team? How do you make sure validated ideas come to fruition? And how do you create an environment in which it’s okay to fail every once in a while?

We’ll answer these and more questions with Marco Smit, Innovation Manager at HEMA, during this round table.’

Access limited to 10 attendees, no pre-registration possible.

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