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Online strategist Freshheads

About Gijs

Gijs has been working in the online field for about 12 years now. As a UX mentor for Google until last year, as strategic designer for digital agency Freshheads and as one of the founders of Take Twenty One is a new design label focussing on spreading knowledge in large corporations. Not by lecturing or consulting, but via a hands-on approach with teams and creating awareness from within.

The Talk

TBI: accelerating knowledge sharing and innovative power within the organisation

How do you build an ecosystem that facilitates knowledge and innovation within a large organisation? This is the question that TBI, a group of seventeen independent companies and 5900 employees, is currently exploring. Together with digital agency Freshheads, TBI is launching various initiatives to build this ecosystem. This session examines the importance of behavioural change, internal knowledge sharing and innovative strength within a large, fragmented organisation. Definitely a must-see!

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