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About Daniel

Daniel is an expert in Innovation Management, Sustainability and Digitalization. He founded a consumer electronics company in the late 90is and has successfully built a multi-million $ company with a production site in China and international customers in Europe, USA, and Japan. After his exit in 2010, he started to share his knowledge and experience as a consultant to help companies to establish and optimize their innovation processes. As the leader of the innovation department, he managed a team of 24 innovation experts. In 2015 he joined the digital transformation specialists from etventure and developed their “academy” activities, which help companies to successfully transform their workers and organisation to become more agile and digital-ready and sustainable! In February 2019 he founded SharkBite Innovation GmbH together with strong partners. Sharkbite delivers innovative and profitable business (models) for sustainability by leveraging the worldwide innovation ecosystem.

The Talk

Lean Innovation Methods with Impact

“Innovate to Cost”, “Parsimonious Innovation” and “MacGyvern” are innovation methods that are focussed on the limitation of assets. Indian, African and innovators from South America have established similar innovation methods like Jugaad and Frugal Innovation long ago already.

Learn about the principles of these “Good Enough Innovation Methods” and see Case Studies how these innovation methods are used by individuals and global corporates successfully right now. Let us discuss how we can take advantage of these methods to tackle the big Sustainability Challenges everywhere by everyone!

Access limited to 10 attendees, no pre-registration possible.

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