Head of Fast Track Innovation Growth Tribe

About Daan

As a serial founder, Daan has co-founded three ventures in areas as diverse as music events, computer vision and predictive analytics. A knack for all things tech, innovation and growth have led him via a Head of Growth role to being a Growth, Agile and Innovation coach at Growth Tribe, where he also leads the Fast Track Innovation product.

Passionate about all things execution and data, he now coaches corporate clients on how to cut through the noise and realize new revenue, either via real innovation or implementing growth.

The Talk

Data-driven Ideation for Innovation

Everyone seems to be following the same expensive and broken playbook of innovation ideation. The lengthy process. The endless customer interviews. The blank business model & value proposition canvases. The continuous attempts to validate assumptions that are already validated.

Almost no one is taking smartcuts.

In this talk, we will introduce you the data–driven mindset required for cutting down your ideation process from 6-months to 6-weeks! A process that yields far more than a validated value proposition. A process that is your pre-validated go to market strategy. A process that doesn’t follow opinions.

Time is ticking…









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