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About Charlotte

As an executive coach Charlotte partners with startups, scale ups and enterprise companies to improve their business performance. She fully agrees with YC’s Paul Graham “Startups are more likely to die from suicide than homicide”.  Self-inflicted wounds, such as toxic founder- or team relationships, can be an existential threat no matter the size or age of a company. 

Her objective is to increase leadership and help build a strong team in a healthy culture.

The Talk

Getting grip on the toughest reason startups fail: toxic founder- or team relationships

Startups are more likely to die from toxic founder relationships than from any external force as economic turndown or competition.

Research into the reasons why startup teams fail or succeed consistently show ‘the team’ in the top 3. Healthy founder relationships are essential to building the right culture for a successful venture.

Cultivating a great relationship among the founding team is simple … but not easy.

Whether you’re a founder, investor, HR manager or a portfolio manager, you’re going to have to deal with the crucial founder- and team relationships in your startup.

Come to the round table and get your questions answered and meet other people with similar issues and challenges.

Access limited to 10 attendees, no pre-registration possible.

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