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Everything-as-a-Service: the case for service based business models as foundation for a circular economy

Over the next decade, society will be forced to move to a sustainable & circular economy. Customers expect companies to act, and produce environment-friendly products that last a long time. In today’s transactional economy, ownership changes hands often. Ownership comes with the responsibility to make sure a product finds a new owner, or gets recycled. When ownership stays with companies, they carry the responsibility of refurbishing and recycling. And as a result, they will have the incentive to make products that last.

As the shift from a transactional economy to a circular economy takes place, companies will start selling their products as a service. Firmhouse is already helping some of the trailblazing companies successfully transition to these new business models. During this session, we’ll go through real cases, and cover how these companies overcame all the obstacles.

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