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About Bart

Bart Versteeg obtained his cum laude Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at the Eindhoven University of Technology, department of Industrial Design. His (still ongoing) research effort together with TIAS school for Business and Society and Eindhoven University of Technology landed him at the VanBerlo Agency, where he focuses on strategic innovation and digital transformation. Together with VanBerlo’s multidisciplinary team, Bart translates client’s current and future challenges into new product/service solutions and helps in realizing the digital execution as front end developer.

The Talk

World’s first connected tugboat: Digital design for critical situations

Today’s huge container vessels can only make port thanks to powerful tugboats. These dangerous harbour operations require high precision control for the crew. Find out how VanBerlo and Damen Shipyards designed an innovative adaptive digital interface on the world’s first connected tugboat. Learn how to assume control of innovation by avoiding vendor lock-in in a complex industry. How to design for critical situations by doing extensive research and co-creation. How to create minimal viable products that are designed for customization and scale instead of limited, static functionality.

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