Impact vs. Vanity

By: Brant Cooper (Moves the Needle) Roundtable 3 14:30 — 15:10

Gold pass access only
How do you measure the success of your Innovation program? Just as with startups, we all understand what the desired outcome to be: massive growth and billions of dollars. Right? The problem is we can’t demonstrate that. (Yet!) So we must be able to report on the progress toward the desired outcome. This is tricky, and so we are often left with vanity metrics. But measuring your innovation program based on vanity metrics can actually kill it before you know what happened. (Especially in the face of a recession!) This roundtable will teach you HOW to establish the specific metrics you should be measuring for both the innovation teams and the program itself. Additionally, we will talk about how you can own the conversation with leadership in order to generate confidence (and maintain your budget) in the face of uncertainty. Whether just starting your innovation lab or in the midst of full blown corporate transformation, the metrics you establish and communicate dictate your success or failure.

Access limited to 10 attendees, no pre-registration possible.

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