Enlighten us, but make it quick

We have invited three innovation practitioners to share how they make Lean Startup, Design Thinking and Agile methodologies real in the day to day of their organisation.
Expect three fast-paced presentations on these methodologies to refresh your brain and kick start your day.

Lean Startup A-team
We were told that the ideal lean startup team consists of a hustler, a hipster and a hacker. But for running a lean startup in the enterprise, you need four other characters to get your idea to scale.
By Lars Crama

Can we teach children to design a better future?
The problem we are working on is that children rarely get a chance to co-design the future, their futures! How then can they learn to design for complexity and shape the world they must live in?
By Emer Beamer

Even Lean Startups can Choke Innovation
In this session, Alex will share three key learnings on daring to hack his creative business with agile teams and the surprising effects it had on growth along the way.
By Alex Bennett Grant

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