A new vision of leadership

By: Sonja Kresojevic (the Seedtime Collective) Stage 1 15:05 — 15:30

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To innovate we need to embrace uncertainty and failure as individuals, leaders and as organizations. It also means we need to show vulnerability and admit we don’t have all the answers but are willing to make that much-needed leap of faith. And to drive long-lasting and sustainable changes in our organizations, to truly create the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, we need to stop relying on grassroots movements and start to lead.

In this talk, Sonja will share her experience as an innovation leader and executive driving change in large organizations and challenge you to answer questions such as: When do you show up as a leader? How do you learn? Are your life and work aligned with your value and purpose? What’s preventing you from embracing change? How can you influence and create a culture of entrepreneurship in your organization?

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